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Bats and urbanization in Greece

Ioanna Salvarina and Lalitsa

Update 1

Bats and urbanization in Greece Bats and urbanization in Greece Bats and urbanization in Greece Bats and urbanization in Greece

In August, we received with great happiness the equipment (the Echo Meter Touch modules, 2 SM4BAT-FS recorders etc) from Wildlife Acoustics. First, a few people tested, the protocol to identify possible confusing points and confirm that it is understandable from non-experts. Soon after, we started sending the Echo Meter Touch to volunteers all over Greece. So far about 25 people did recordings at least at 30 different places, from Crete to North Greece. The volunteers record bats with the Echo Meter Touch while walking three trails, 500 m each, one at the most urbanised part of their city/town/village, one at a less urbanised and one at a rather ‘green’ (e.g. a park). They also have to fill out and send us a protocol along with the recordings. The volunteers sound excited with this experience and are looking forward to receiving the Echo Meter again and record at more places. The Echo Meters had a good use also during the International Bat Night at Mount Olympus, that Lalitsa organized. The participants had the chance to use the Echo Meter Touch devices to detect bats and later most of them volunteered for the citizen science project.

To get a better impression of the bat communities present in the cities, we are now also setting a network of volunteers who will record stationary with the SM4BAT-FS and during some driving transects with the Echo Meter Touch mounted using the Echo Meter car mounts.

The more we advertise our project, the more the interest is growing and many volunteers are still in the waiting list.

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