Ensure that your Song Meter hydrophones are performing to specifications.

SNational Physical Laboratory

Introducing the Wildlife Acoustics and National Physical Laboratory Song Meter Hydrophone Certification Program


Record above
and below the waterline.

Song Meter SM4 Acoustic

The Song Meter SM4 recorder offers two built-in acoustic microophones, and a port to connect a cabled hydrophone for underwater recording.



The Song Meter SM4M Family
of Marine Recorders

The SM4M Submersible and SM4M Deep Water Marine Recorders from Wildlife Acoustics

The SM4M Submersible and SM4M Deep Water.

Lowering the cost of long deployments with
the proven technology of the Song Meter SM4 platform.

Time at sea is an expensive proposition, and the new SM4M marine recorders provide significantly increased deployment times over the prior generation of Song Meter recorders. This new generation is based on the time-proven and globally tested Song Meter SM4 platform.

The SM4M Submersible is rated to 150 meters, and the SM4M Deep Water is rated to 800 meters. Both models feature sophisticated scheduling tools – making them ideal for extremely long deployments in harsh, hard-to-reach offshore environments.

Acoustic and ultrasonic models.

The SM4M Submersible and SM4M Deep Water are both available in either a dual-channel Acoustic model which can record frequencies up to 48 kHz, or a single-channel Ultrasonic model which can record up to 192kHz.

A hydrophone for every purpose.

We offer three hydrophone options for the Song Meter SM4M. Record audio frequencies from 2Hz to 192kHz – in extremely quiet environments, or those where extremely loud, man-made noise is present.

Easy to deploy and service.

We designed SM4M recorders to be easily deployed and quickly retrieved/serviced onboard. Both models use globally available, standard D cell batteries. The units are easily tethered for anchoring and recovery. They're easy to open, thanks to the included spanner wrench, and memory cards are easy to remove and replace.

Kaleidoscope Analysis Software for Marine Applications

From recordings to reporting, Kaleidoscope gets you to the answers faster.

Kaleidoscope Software

Kaleidoscope software is available for
Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Kaleidoscope SoftwareKaleidoscope Pro software is an integrated suite of tools that make bioacoustic analysis easier, faster and more effective.

Kaleidoscope acoustic Cluster Analysis detects similar vocalizations in one or many recordings, and quickly sorts them into Clusters for easy labeling or review. You can also build Classifiers from the labeled clusters to search new recordings for similar sounds.

The Kaleidoscope Noise Analysis Module – engineered specifically for marine research – quickly analyzes noise spectrum and generates reports of noise levels. Analysis includes weighted SPL and SEL measurements as well as third octave band analysis. The module is included with a Pro purchase or available for separate purchase.

Kaleidoscope Viewer is a free download to allow listening to your recordings and viewing them on a fully featured spectrogram.

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