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Frequently Asked Questions for the Song Meter SM4BAT FS and ZC

Song Meter SM4BAT

What are they?

The SM4BAT FS and ZC are compact, lightweight, single channel, ultrasonic bat bioacoustics recorders. They are available as full-spectrum and zero-crossing models.

How much are they?

SM4BAT FS is $1,198.00 and the ZC is $898.00. Price for each includes an SMM-U1 ultrasonic microphone and 3 meter cable. You can purchase other cable lengths at an additional cost.

Why two models?

We want to support both recording preferences; full-spectrum and zero-crossing, FS and ZC and offer affordable options for each.

How compact and light are they?

Designed around the size of four D-sized batteries, the SM4BAT FS and ZC are the smallest and lightest, weatherproof recorders available. Molded in rugged polycarbonate, the SM4BAT is less than half the weight and size of SM3BAT. This custom-designed enclosure allows for multiple units to be packed into a backpack. The enclosure also has an integrated, lockable security cover.

What's up with single-channel recording?

We found that many of our bat researchers use single-channel recording for their work (e.g SM3BAT, SM2BAT/SM2BAT+ and SMZC). We even advise researchers to buy two SM4BAT recorders. Why? The cost of two SM4BATs is not much more than the cost of an SM3BAT with an extra microphone. With two SM4BAT recorders deployed, you get more placement flexibility. Of course, if you need two channels, the SM3BAT is available.

How long can you deploy an SM4BAT?

Featuring a new, low-power microprocessor, single-channel recording format and running on 4 D-cell batteries, the SM4BAT FS has a recording run time of 250 to 450 hours in full-spectrum depending on bat activity - assuming a 256kHz sample rate, using SanDisk Ultra flash cards and Energizer EN95 alkaline batteries and operating with an internal temperature of 20C.

The SM4BAT ZC will record in zero-crossing from 600 to 700 hours. Deployment times can be extended even further by using an external power source.

Note that more than half of the power consumption of the SM4BAT system can be tied to the flash cards. Run times can vary by as much as 50% depending on the characteristics of specific brands and models of cards. We recommend using SanDisk SDHC/SDXC cards and you can buy them from our store.

Other factors like the kind and quality of batteries used, how rechargeable batteries are recharged, temperature, configuration and bat activity can affect run times.

How does the SM4BAT compare to the SM3BAT or SM2BAT+/SM2BAT with respect to recordings - are they equivalent?

The SM3BAT and SM4BAT share exactly the same microphones and analog-to-digital converters, such that their recordings will be comparable, as will the older SM2BATs with newer SMX-U1 microphones.

How easy are the SM4BAT recorders to program?

The SM4BAT models feature a new, easy-to-use Quick Start menu to get you started recording immediately. Also, the easy-to-use Scheduler tool helps you to quickly create custom schedules.

Are there accessories for the SM4BAT recorders?

SMM-U1 microphone, SMX horn attachment, GPS accessory, SM3/SM4 power adaptor cable, microphone cables in 3/10/50 meter lengths, and an ultrasonic microphone calibrator.

What's the warranty length?

3 years

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