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Song Meter SM3M Deep Water Overview

Song Meter SM3M Deep Water

The most economical deep water marine bioacoustics & ambient noise recorder.

Song Meter SM3M Deep Water from Wildlife Acoustics

The new, 3rd generation Song Meter SM3M Deep Water is designed for extended deployments in extreme off-shore environments and offers the same recording flexibility and precision of conventional recorders costing much more.

With a recording bandwidth of 2 Hz to 192 kHz, it is ideal for recording ambient noise levels for baseline characterization and capturing loud noises, including anthropogenic sounds like those from pile drivers and airguns. Best of all this can be done with a single unit during the same deployment.

Program for multiple-role assignments

Song Meter SM3M Deep Water

The SM3M Deep Water can be programmed to optimize for different recording objectives on the same hydrophone or two hydrophones using a flexible two-channel input. The recorder's configuration utility allows you adjust settings for sample rate, gain, filters, and triggers.

Should you need to monitor a variety of sea life in a single deployment, the SM3M Deep Water can monitor for multiple species’ acoustics from infrasonic to ultrasonic at the same time or by scheduling different sample rates at different times.

Deploy for several weeks or several months

The SM3M Deep Water is designed to record ambient, biological and anthropogenic sounds down to 800 meters. Extreme depths typically involve longer-than-usual deployments and so the recorder features adaptive triggering and compression to further extend deployment times.

Song Meter SM3M Deep Water from Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter SM3M Deep Water from Wildlife Acoustics

You can deploy for months at a time using a recording schedule or duty cycle with neglible power consumption during sleep mode.

The SM3M Deep Water uses SDXC and SDHC cards. There are four card slots and with each card capable of storing 512 gigabytes of vocalization data. Combined with the SM3M's adaptive triggering and compression, storage capacity exceeds two terabytes. That means more data containing everything from the faintest drumming, clicks and whistles to the l baseline loudest anthropogenic noises.

Service and redeploy while at sea.

The SM3M Deep Water is designed to be quickly serviced and redeployed shipside, saving valuable time and money. Simply unscrew the recorder's hydrophone cap with the supplied spanner wrench and pull out the pc board. SD cards can be easily accessed and the unit can be quickly reprogrammed for any changes in deployment objectives.

The SM3M can be quickly anchored and recovered via tether, diver or acoustic release.

Customize to suite your specific needs.

The SM3M Deep Water can be configured in a variety ways to meet your recording needs. We have selected an assortment of hydrophones for specific applications that meet strict performance criteria. You can outfit the SM3M with our standing acoustic hydrophone, upgrade to either an ultrasonic hydrophone or low-noise hydrophone or choose our high SPL, dual hydrophone option.

Should you require more placement flexibility, you can special order cabled hydrophones as well.

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