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Developed by Wildlife Acoustics in collaboration with world-renowned bird expert and illustrator, David Sibley, Song Sleuth for iOS brings the world of birds to anyone who wants to learn about the natural world.


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The Song Meter SM3 Configurator software lets you create and edit recording programs for any SM3 series recorder. Available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX and Red Hat Linux.

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Choose the Right Microphones

Our Microphone Guide will help you select the right microphone for your recorder and application.

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Overview of the Song Meter SM3

Which Song Meter is right for you?

Song Meter SM4 Acoustic

The SM4 is our next-generation acoustic recorder. It's smaller, lighter, easier to use, and has higher quality microphones than the SM3.

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The SM3 is the right choice if:

  • You are creating time-synchronized recordings for localization.
  • You need a schedule that does different things on different days.
  • You want to make sub-minute recordings.

Song Meter SM3 Song Meter SM3

A customizable acoustic recorder for any combination of avian, terrestrial and marine research.

The Song Meter SM3 acoustic recorder is a multi-role bioacoustics recording device that can simultaneously record any combination of avian, terrestrial and/or marine life. Completely ruggedized, quick to configure and highly customizable from a configuration and scheduling basis, the SM3 can perform a wide variety of recording roles, and remain in the field for extended periods of time.

Record in mono or stereo, using 2 built-in microphones.

The SM3 can record in mono or stereo using a 16-bit .wav or optional .wac lossless compression format.

Choose a schedule or create your own highly customized one.

Song Meter SM3

The SM3's built-in recording programs include daytime, nighttime, and continuous recording schedules with automatic configuration. Just pick your desired schedule and press the Start button to quickly begin making recordings.

You can also create sophisticated schedules and tailor configuration settings to suit your needs. Record birds on one day and automatically switch to capturing frog choruses on another. The SM3 can have scheduling details more finely grained than a minute. Make the SM3 stop recording on a specific date. Dynamically change sample rates. The SM3's recording and configuration combinations are nearly endless.

Song Meter SM3 Time Synchronize multiple SM3s to triangulate on sound sources.

Deploy an array of SM3s with the GPS option to determine location and direction of a sound source. The feature is useful when deploying SM3s in areas with thick vegetation. The GPS feature allows you to study all of vocalizing wildlife in a given area.

Use a variety of accessories for recording in different environments.

Song Meter SM3

The SM3 can be outfitted with two sets of SMM-A1 acoustic microphones connected to multiple runs of cables. The SMM-A1 microphone applies gain at the microphone head to increase signal in the cables – a feature that significantly improves resistance to electrical noise interference.

A 20 meter, cabled hydrophone is also available to record activity below the waterline.

If you're deploying the SM3 in areas prone to vandalism or theft, you can protect the SM3 and its critical data with lockable security housing.

Record up to 260 hours of acoustic data.

The Song Meter SM3 power circuit was designed for extended deployments. In Sleep Mode, between scheduled recordings, the SM3 uses almost no power (around .5 mW), allowing it to remain idle for months at a time. Using high-quality alkaline batteries, the SM3 can record up to 260 hours of acoustic data with superb detail. That means longer deployments and fewer trips into the field. (Note: the SM3 User Guide has a detailed listing of battery life per battery type and recording format.)

Feel confident knowing you're backed by the longest warranty available.

The Song Meter SM3 was designed for use in extreme weather conditions – from jungles and deserts to parts in between. The recorder has been subjected to environmental shock, drop testing, static discharge and extreme water incursion. We're so confident that the SM3 can endure the most extreme environmental conditions, we back it with a 3 year warranty. That means you can focus on research, not equipment.

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