Kaleidoscope Product Chart

Which version of Kaleidoscope is best for your needs?

Product Name: Price: Included Classifiers: Viewer: Noise Analysis Module: Kaleidoscope is
compatible with
files created by:
Kaleidoscope Pro $1,499.00 North America, UK, Europe, Neotropics, South Africa (Beta) Included Included

Song Meter Products:

• SM3M Deep Water
• SM3M Submersible

Echo Meter Products:

• Echo Meter Touch
• Echo Meter EM3

Other makes
of recorders

Kaleidoscope UK $999.00 UK Included Not Included
Kaleidoscope Neotropics $999.00 Neotropics Included Not Included
Stand-Alone Viewer FREE Not Included Included Not Included
Stand-Alone File Converter FREE Not Included Not Included Not Included
Stand-Alone Noise Analysis Module $499.00 Not Included Included Included

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