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White paper on a new classification technique for the identification of bats to species from their echolocation calls.


Overview of Kaleidoscope Pro Analysis Software

Kaleidoscope Software

Available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Kaleidoscope Pro Analysis Software

From recordings to reporting, Kaleidoscope Pro makes you bat research faster and easier.

Kaleidoscope SoftwareTailored to bat biologists' research needs, Kaleidoscope Pro is an integrated suite of bat acoustic analysis tools designed to help you quickly convert files, sort and categorize bat data by species, verify your findings, visualize your work and easily transform it into reports. Kaleidoscope Pro has been called a tremendous time-saver for analysis work.

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Free Viewer

The free Kaleidoscope Viewer is a significant advancement in bat call spectrogram analysis. Not only is the Viewer faster and easier to use than competing software, it features the most advanced, flexible and easily customizable spectrogram on the market.

The spectrogram view is truly the most stunning display of bat echolocations we have ever seen. The technology can also create and overlay zero-crossing information right on the spectrogram, providing even more data for quick review of bat recordings.

The Kaleidoscope Viewer works with all full-spectrum, time-expansion or zero-crossing recordings and has additional features that help you quickly identify, categorize and filter bat data. You can look for the subtleties in the shapes of calls, examine bat passes in compressed and real-time views, change contrast and review files in full-spectrum or zero-crossing with the touch of a button. Download the free Viewer.

Kaleidoscope Viewer

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Free File Converter

The free File Converter can convert many nights of recordings from among and between WAV files, time-expanded WAV files, WAC files and zero crossing files in a matter of minutes. It's scrubbing feature also can filter out false triggers caused by anthropogenic noise and non-biological sounds such as rain and wind. Download the free File Converter.

File Conversion and Meta Data

Kaleidoscope Pro Virtual Call Library

Virtual Call Library

Kaleidoscope Pro's auto-id algorithms use clusters of commonly occurring call shapes in our training data. You can now see what these clusters look like; showing the typical call shape and degree of variation of calls belonging to each cluster representing the common repertoire of calls produced by each species.

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Automatic Species Identification

Combined with Kaleidoscope Pro Auto ID software's bat classifiers, you can identify and verify gigabytes of files in minutes. We designed the software to allow extremely efficient reviewing of the identification results. The Viewer will work with any full-spectrum, time-expansion or zero-crossing recordings.

NOTE: Auto ID is intended for use in analyzing recordings of single bats in free flight, low clutter environments. On average, more than half of such recordings will result in classifications with 80% accuracy. Recordings of roost emergence, multiple bats, captive bats, bats in high-clutter environments or bat social calls are not suitable for Auto ID and results may not be accurate.

Kaleidoscope Pro Bat Auto ID

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Reporting Made Easy

Kaleidoscope Pro will compile, verify your results so you can seamlessly load them into an Excel pivot table or other applications.

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Free or Pro?

Kaleidoscope's conversion and viewer tools are free. Auto-ID is available with a Kaleidoscope Pro annual subscription for $399.

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