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Overview of Kaleidoscope Pro Analysis Software

Kaleidoscope Pro Analysis Software

From recordings to reporting, Kaleidoscope gets you to the answers faster.

Kaleidoscope Software

Kaleidoscope Pro software is available for
Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Kaleidoscope SoftwareKaleidoscope Pro software is an integrated suite of tools that make bioacoustic analysis easier, faster and more effective.

Kaleidoscope Pro powers through all of your recordings, creating groups of similar sounds called clusters, which significantly reduce analysis time. In addition, its sophisticated spectrogram and audio tools let you quickly verify and label your data. You can easily export your findings to other applications, and for future analysis efforts you can build classifiers that automatically recognize and label species in recordings.

Watch the Kaleidoscope Pro Introduction Video

Kaleidoscope Pro Includes:

  • Acoustic Cluster Analysis
  • Kaleidoscope Viewer Tool (Free)
  • Classifier Creation Tools
  • Noise Analysis Tools
  • High-Speed Batch Processing
  • Data Export Tools

The Breakthrough of Cluster Analysis

The Breakthrough of Cluster Analysis

Kaleidoscope Pro acoustic Cluster Analysis detects similar vocalizations in one or many recordings, and quickly sorts them into Clusters. The resulting Clusters can be quickly reviewed and labeled to identify the species present in the recordings. Weeks of recordings can be clustered and reviewed in minutes – allowing analysis of enormous recording collections, which would otherwise be extremely time intensive or impossible to analyze.

Basic Clustering

Free Viewer Tool

Kaleidoscope Viewer

The free Kaleidoscope Viewer gives you the capability to:

  • View fully configurable spectrograms of audio recordings.
  • Take cursor measurements and view vocalization parameters.
  • Analyze and export spectral data.
  • Add or edit meta data (e.g. field notes and manual classifications) to files.
  • Quickly review and manually verify classifications.
  • Listen to or save .wav files applying bandpass filtering, speed and amplitude adjustments.

Download the free Viewer.

Kaleidoscope Viewer

The Intelligence of Classifiers

Build your own classifiers

Use the labeled Clusters to create classifiers that can automatically recognize species of interest in other recordings. These classifiers can be applied in batch mode to any number of recordings and the classifications easily reviewed.

Simple Classifiers

Advanced Classifiers

High-Speed Batch Processing

High-Speed Batch Processing

In a single batch operation, Kaleidoscope can quickly perform several tasks in parallel on any number of recordings. Tasks include:

  • Perform acoustic Cluster Analysis or run previously created Classifiers. (requires Kaleidoscope Pro license)
  • Run Noise Analysis calculations. (requires Kaleidoscope Pro or Noise Analysis license)
  • Support for breaking long recordings into smaller pieces.
  • Support for splitting stereo recordings into multiple single channel recordings.
  • Extract GPS data from recordings and logs to produce .csv or .kml.

Getting Started

Noise Analysis Using Multiple Standards

Kaleidoscope Noise Analysis
Kaleidoscope Noise Analysis

The Noise Analysis Module allows you to scan a batch of recordings to analyze the noise spectrum and generate a report of noise levels in accordance with various standards. Analysis includes weighted SPL and SEL measurements as well as third octave band analysis.

Noise Analysis


Reporting Made Easy

Kaleidoscope presents the cluster or classifier results in a table that's easily exported into Excel and other applications for pivot table and chart creation.

Try all the features free for 15 days.

Kaleidoscope's Viewer tool is free, and Cluster Analysis is available with a Kaleidoscope Pro annual subscription for $399.

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