Song Sleuth Support Articles

What are the best ways to maximize accuracy?

  • Get the clearest recording you can, with the target sound isolated from other sounds, and with a half-second or more of typical background noise at the beginning of the recording (and it works best with live birds outdoors, not so well with playback of recorded sounds indoors).
  • Use the Isolate Song interface to draw a tight box around a short phrase of the song you are interested in. This filters out any extraneous noise that would otherwise confuse the app.
  • Shorter recordings are actually better than long (but you can make a long recording and isolate a short section of it).
  • It's a collaboration between you and the app. Don't expect perfect accuracy on the first try, and remember that the app does not attempt to identify short chips and squeaks.
  • Enjoy it, learn from it, and let us know how it's working.

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