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Would you like to become a Kaleidoscope Pro power user? 

Ian Agranat, CEO of Wildlife Acoustics and creator of Kaleidoscope Pro software, is going to 3 cities in North America at the beginning of 2019 to conduct 3 in-depth seminar sessions on Kaleidoscope for bat and non-bat analysis.

We know that many of our customers have to juggle multiple responsibilities, including data analysis, and that this can be daunting. You may not have the time or resources to 

Join the #BatWeek Twitterstorm!

Join the #BatWeek Twitterstorm!

It's that time of year again--Bat Week is just one day away! 

At Wildlife Acoustics, we love to see people connect with bats. Whether it's on a bat walk with the Echo Meter Touch for the first time, or by reading bat facts online, we want everyone to know how amazing and diverse these flying mammals are. 

By being a part of the Bat Week committee every year, we are happy to be able to spread the word about bats, but we need your help too! 

Understanding Kaleidoscope Pro 5: Cloud Database

Understanding Kaleidoscope Pro 5: Cloud Database

Wildlife Acoustics has recently released Kaleidoscope Pro version 5, which is the latest update to our analysis software. Kaleidoscope Pro 5 has a number of exciting new features and today I’m going to introduce you to the new database functions.


When doing bioacoustics recording, a great deal of information is typically generated. The recordings themselves are the starting point for collecting data. When the recording is first created, the recording device embeds information in the files called metadata. Initial metadata includes obvious things such as the date and location of the recording, but there is also information such as the type of recorder, the type of microphone that was used, temperature at the time of recording, sample rate, and so much more.

Auto ID

The next step after recording is to analyze the data. Kaleidoscope Pro can apply auto-identification for bats. Kaleidoscope Pro can analyze and sort detected signals into similar clusters of data. And it’s quite common for a biologist to add notes and manual IDs. Some of this new information can be written back to the recording files and Kaleidoscope Pro also generates CSV files which can be opened in spreadsheet applications or other software tools.

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