License Management Guide

This page covers everything you need to know about managing Kaleidoscope Pro subscription licenses. It also explains how to:

  • apply subscription credits to your Wildlife Acoustics web account
  • use those credits to activate installations of Kaleidoscope Pro
  • manage subscription licenses for multiple users

Subscription vs Permanent License

Annual subscriptions were introduced to Kaleidoscope Pro in late 2017. Annual subscriptions expire after one year, but they are easier to manage, and present a lower up-front cost than a permanent license. If you have a License ID represented by an 18 to 20 character code, you have a Kaleidoscope Pro permanent license. If you need assistance managing your permanent license, please contact Wildlife Acoustics Technical Support.

Administrator and Guest

Kaleidoscope Pro subscriptions can be managed by a single administrator for multiple users. The administrator is in charge of giving access to Kaleidoscope Pro subscriptions to other users and moving subscriptions between different computers and users. The administrator does not have to use Kaleidoscope Pro themselves – they could simply be a lab manager or IT technician, for example.

Throughout this page, "Administrator" will refer to the person who holds credits for Kaleidoscope Pro subscriptions on their account. "Guest" will refer to someone who has been given access to use the Administrator's subscriptions. This document assumes that you, the reader, are the Administrator.

Redeem Kaleidoscope Pro Subscription Credits

If you haven't done so already, go to the website and create an account. Any subscriptions you use yourself or grant to other users will be managed from this account.

  • Log into your account and navigate to Kaleidoscope Pro subscriptions.
  • If you purchased Kaleidoscope Pro online while logged into your account, you will see that your account already has 1 or more available credits. Those subscription license credits are ready to be activated from within Kaleidoscope.
  • If instead you received a sales invoice for Kaleidoscope Pro containing an 8-character subscription code, enter that code here and click Apply. You will now see that you have one or more available credits in your account.

Each credit represents one year's worth of Kaleidoscope Pro use for a single user. A single user is entitled to activate a single license on two separate computers.

The subscription year does not start until the license is activated in the Kaleidoscope program itself.

Activate a Subscription License

  • Check your Wildlife Acoustics web account to make sure you have at least one available subscription credit.
  • Download Kaleidoscope from the Wildlife Acoustics website and install the program.
    • At this point, Kaleidoscope will only allow you to use the free features, including the spectrogram viewer and file converter, because the program has not been activated with a subscription license. Auto ID for Bats, Cluster Analysis, and Noise Analysis will each be marked with a red X.
  • In Kaleidoscope, go to the License menu and choose Activate subscription.
  • Enter the email address and password for the account you created at the Wildlife Acoustics web site.
  • Press the Activate button. Kaleidoscope has now been upgraded to Kaleidoscope Pro

In Non-bat Analysis Mode, the Cluster Analysis and Noise Analysis tabs will be marked with a green check.

In Bat Analysis mode, the Bat Auto-ID and Cluster Analysis tabs will be marked with a green check.

Make a Subscription License Available for a Guest

This section will provide instructions for the Administrator to grant use of a Kaleidoscope Pro subscription license to a Guest user. Note that the Administrator must have unused credits available in order for a Guest to activate a subscription. Multiple users cannot share a single subscription credit.

  • Log into your account on the Wildlife Acoustics website and navigate to Kaleidoscope Pro subscriptions.
  • Verify that you have one or more subscription license credits available.
  • Enter the Guest user's email address into the text box under Add a guest to share your subscription credits.
    • If the Guest user already has a Wildlife Acoustics account, enter the email address used to create that account.
  • Otherwise, the Guest user can create a Wildlife Acoustics web account later, using the email address you enter here.
  • Press the ADD GUEST button

The Guest's email address will appear in the Subscriber list. If the Guest does not yet have a Wildlife Acoustics account, it will be marked Unregistered.

If the guest has a Wildlife Acoustics web account but has not yet used the subscription license to activate Kaleidoscope Pro, it will be marked Unsubscribed.

Once the Guest user does have a Wildlife Acoustics web account, they can download and launch Kaleidoscope and activate the subscription license from the License menu using their own email address and password.

Please see section: Activate A Subscription" for further details.

Move a Subscription License from One Computer to Another

On occasion, the same user may need to transfer a subscription license from one computer to another. For example, a user may discard an older computer and upgrade to a newer model. The subscription license on the old computer can be de-activated and transferred to the new computer.

  • Log into your account on the Wildlife Acoustics website and navigate to Kaleidoscope Pro subscriptions.
  • Click Release next to the email address of the user who wants to change which computer they will be using to run Kaleidoscope Pro.

That same user can now re-activate Kaleidoscope Pro on a new computer. Note that the release button will remove all activations that the user had. If they were using the software on 2 computers, they would now need to activate on both the new computer AND on the original one that they want to continue to use.

Please see "Activate A Subscription" for further details.

Move a Subscription License from one User to a Different User

A subscription license can be transferred from one user to another. The transfer can be between an Administrator and Guest user, or from one Guest user to another.

  • Log into your account on the Wildlife Acoustics website and navigate to Kaleidoscope Pro subscriptions.
  • Click Release next to the email address of the user whose subscription license you want to give to someone else.
  • Under "Transfer from released subscription email address", enter the original user's email address.
  • Under "Transfer to an unsubscribed or expired email address", enter the email address of the person who will now be using Kaleidoscope Pro. The new user must already be a Guest under your account.
  • Press the Transfer button.

You will now see in the subscriber list that the subscription license has moved from the original user to the new user. The email address for the original user is marked unsubscribed. The email address for the new user is marked released, which indicates the subscription license is available for activation.

The new user will now be able to activate the subscription license via the Kaleidoscope License menu.

Please see "Activate A Subscription" for further details.

Renew Your Kaleidoscope Subscription

You have the option of letting your managed subscriptions renew automatically once they expire after one year. If you would like your subscriptions to auto-renew, you must add a payment method to your account on

  • Log into your account.
  • On the "My Account Home" page, you should see a panel titled, "Payment Information."
  • If you do not have a payment method already entered, click on "Add a New Payment Method" and follow the instructions to enter a credit card or US bank account.

Once your account has a payment method associated with it, you can select which Kaleidoscope subscriptions should automatically renew.

  • From your account page on, click on "Kaleidoscope Pro Subscriptions."
  • In the list of subscribers, which includes your own account and any guests whose subscriptions you manage, use the check boxes on the right to select which subscriptions should automatically renew.
  • Click "Update" to save any changes.

If you do not want your subscriptions to auto-renew, you can purchase new Subscription Credits from the Wildlife Acoustics web store and redeem them like you would a new subscription. See "Redeem Kaleidoscope Pro Subscription Credits".

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