Save $249 on Echo Meter Touch
now through the end of December.

Just in time for the holidays, our most advanced bat detector is now an even better value at $399 – and the bat Auto-ID is free, too.

With its built-in bat Auto-ID, stunning spectrograms, real-time GPS tracking, and recording capabilities that match detectors costing thousands of dollars more, the Echo Meter Touch is everything you need in a professional bat detector/recorder/analyzer. And when you order before December 31, you'll save $249 off the regular price of $648.

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Echo Meter Touch

Monitor Chiroptera

Installed and hand-held solutions for detecting and monitoring bats and other ultrasonic emitting species in nearly any type of environment.

Monitor Avian Species

Monitor a diverse set of avian wildlife for extended durations in any type of environment or weather. You can even access your data remotely.

Monitor Land Animals

Wherever you are, from mountain ponds to African plains, you can monitor a diverse set of species with ease and confidence.

Monitor Marine Life

For extended durations in every environment – from the local estuary to the deep ocean, monitor any kind of marine wildlife.

For Bat Professionals

The New Song Meter SMZC –
Lightweight. Affordable. Weatherproof.

Innovative recording features, a built-in weatherproof Knowles FG microphone, GPS logging capability, and in-the-field monitoring, the SMZC was designed for biologists in need of a lightweight, long-lasting zero crossing bioacoustics recorder.

For Educators

Echo Meter Touch for Education

Echo Meter Touch for Education

Introduce your students the the science of bioacoustics. We have everything you need to make learning fun.